Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Worst Dressed

This year the red carpet was actually pretty good, but that doesn't mean that some people didn't miss the mark BIG TIME!

#5. SANDRA OH looked like a 60 year old woman in this gown, seriously it way to old for her. Sometimes I love what she wears, but this time she just looks bad.

#4. AMERICA FERRERA looked dreadful in this gown. After hitting a home run last year, this year it looked like she put on a trash bag and hit the red carpet.

#3. VANESSA WILLIAMS, prints don't work! The actual gown is awesome, but who the hell put that retarded print on it? I mean seriously, Vanessa get with the program!

#2. CHRISTINA HENDRICKS looked like a hot mess. YES ME KNOW YOU HAVE HAVE HUGE BOOBS, but seriously, put those away! You look like a hooker that should be on the street corner in downtown LA instead of walking the red carpet.

#1. O wow EVA LONGORIA what is wrong with you? You looked like a hot mess. Eva you are a short woman, never wear a short strapless dress, it makes you look even smaller. The whole overall look is just bad. Sorry Eva, I am sure you will do better.

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