Tuesday, September 23, 2008

60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Well, TVs biggest night had come and gone. Now we are left just picking through the rumble that remains. What could I possibly say that hasn't been said by almost every single person that watched the show.
I mean I just don't know, some of the winners were great (Smart, Cranston, Piven, & Ivanek), some were just okay (Wiest, Close, Mad Men) and some were terrible (All the 30 Rock love!). People will say that 30 Rock is the greatest Comedy on TV right now, but the show is so hit and miss. The writing can be awesome, but a lot of the time, it is lacking something. Maybe that is why Tina Fey was begging people to tune in, because the ratings suck!
The Hosts. What can I say, not the best choice, but we all knew that when it was first announced that it was going to be rough, but I think that The Academy was trying to get people to watch and it just backfired. I know people don't like the new Hosting Category, but Reality TV is a huge part of the TV Industry right now and I think that they just need to revamp the setup. I mean, why not just have it be hosting teams. Like instead of Ryan Seacrest alone, why not nominate the Team from American Idol. Whatever lol.
This year, the Emmy Awards were just boring, and rushed. Next year, get a great host, give each winner enough time to get a speech out. DON'T RUSH THINGS! Who cares if you go over 3 hours, if you put on a great show no one will care!!! I hope that the awful ratings show The Academy that they need to fix things and fix them soon.

I am going to be posting my Top 5 Best Dressed and Top 5 Worst Dressed. Plus coming this weekend I hope to post my reviews of the last few films that I have seen including The Women & Burn After Reading.

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